Thursday, March 15, 2012

College Blessing

Whoo-hoo, two in college and one headed for Auntie's preschool!!!
New year...and another girlie looking to get into college.  Our niece was accepted in Lipscomb this last Thursday and recieved her certificate of acceptence today - we were all excited at the news.
I keep remembering a conversation, K and  I had last year about college.  I was the one who was a little concerned last year.  This year it was her, R.  We had a conversation out on our porch in early January; she turned in her common application a few days late and thought she would never have a chance at getting into Lipscomb or any other quality college this coming fall.  I assured her it is part of life to fail, miss a deadline, and even our sin - it is no surprise to God. He is so very gracious to us.  Isn't it wonderful that we don't get what we derserve. We prayed and I told her that God could do the unexpected - even though she hadn't met the deadline. God is so good, so gracious! 

She has worked on finding scholarships and scheduling and it's a go.  Lipscomb is a stone's throw from my work which is a real blessing, has a good medical program, a lovely campus, and an amazing library.
We give thanks our God, yet again, has done the unexpected.  It is good to give Him thanks, He deserves so much more than we can even think of.  He absolutely holds all things together - it is amazing to think that He loves us each as if we were an only child.  How does He do that?


Trisha said...

I love it when God's providences leave us humbled once again at His goodness to us. Our hearts and mouths are left spilling over with praise! Love to you!

EJN said...

God is so good, and R. has worked so hard to get everything in line. It's really wonderful.
Blessings dear one,