Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Favorites of 2011

A couple of weeks ago I started a post, it won't be published, it was lists of 2011- what I'd read was one of those lists- I compiled it before I checked my shelves and notes.  This list is almost identical to that brain storm.  My thought, if it stuck in my brain, I must have liked it a lot.  I was reading, "Wordsmithy", my Christmas gift from E., and Pastor Wilson had a line in there that went something like - go for tonnage, something will stick.  That made me laugh- my tonnage is down from last year, I've been a bit busy, but is considerable more than my first set of mothering years, so at least I am headed in the right direction.
  1. Joseph and Judah - Dr. Warren Gage is E.'s teacher at Knox - he excavates truth in a mind twisting manner. This was a class text for E. last year, and he chose it as one of our personal studies, we are doing a study at church on it this January; it was also the Bible lesson for Summer Camp.  This book humbled me and really made me hungry to know how God and His grace and love is hidden in the stories of His Word.  I grew up in the church, I though I'd heard all the ways to look at the story of Joseph- No  I had not, not even close. 
  2. He is there, and He is not Silent - Francis Schaeffer is a wonderful writer and has a life that backs up Christian community like few others.  I read several books from both Francis and Edith Schaeffer this year, this is my favorite - practically every page has something underlined and some pages are almost entirely underlined. 
  3. Loving the Little Years - Lizzie Jankovic rivals and might have usurped Paul Tripp's Shepherding a Child's Heart which has been my go to book for years on loving little one's well.  I have a post of my favorite quotes on Loving the Little Years.  This book is amazing, Lizzie Janovic's writing style is enchanting - three things I hope will never dislodge from my brain- "Fat souls are more important than clean floors", "This is the new normal",  and "Obedience brings freedom and joy" which I have added to my obedience explanation for little ones - a talk I have quite often.
  4. Through New Eyes - James Jordan's solidified and explained thoughts that I had never been able to my finger on but knew I believed.  I really enjoy his discussion on chiaisms in a few sections.  This  book is in the neighborhood of GKC's Orthodoxy. a great read- Definitely on my "Read-it again and again" list.
  5. The Baptized Body - Dr. Peter Leithart discussion of children and their part in the body of Christ transformed my thinking, it deepened my resolve and humbles me as a discipler of the young ones in Him, I read this as we were preparing to baptise our grand-one, C., I am convinced that God works in little ones in a mystical, yet, concrete way that is soul changing and life bearing, a thought that I had, unfortunately, not dwelt on nearly enough.  Love this book, we read it, then I listened to it and re-read it while I listened.  This is a must read!
  6. Collected Poems- Richard Wilbur/Beyond Stateliest Marble, the Passionate Femininity of Anne Bradstreet- Doug Wilson/The Tenth Muse - Anne Bradstreet - O.K. - surprise -I love poetry and can't decide my favs -book  # 10 is a practicum book on poetry.  But these books were so enjoyable - probably because I naturally connect them to family.  My K. was awarded the Anne Bradstreet character award at her school, I loved Anne Bradstreet before that, she was an amazing writer, and yet, so centered in truth, she counted her role as wife and mother, as who she was; LOVE THAT!  The Tenth Muse - was therefore a gift for K. for her B-day - our copy is a recopy of the original,  it has Anne's handwritten poetry and letters to her kiddos, how cool is that? Beyond Stateliest.. is a wonderful biography of Bradstreet... Collected Poems of Wilbur - It's always on the nightstand bookshelf and I just love his poetry - one of my favorite poems, is of course,  "The Writer".
  7. The Art of Divine Contentment - Thomas Watson.  Mark Twain says a classic is something everyone wants to have read, but not to read.  This classic compels to be read.  Every time I began to read it, I felt that tingle, at the end of my nose, that reminded me tears were forth coming- and my heart was weighted with the fact that He is indeed the center of all things.
  8. Bless This Food - Julia Pitkins, Karen and George Grant.  The Grants have a whole series of these life books, this one is wonderful, love the encouragements, prayers and poems. My favorite recipes are the sweet potato casserole, angel biscuits and Beef shirtsleeves (I tweaked it a little to add E.'s favs - it was a Father's day dish). It is a great little cookbook for celebrating special days throughout the year- the normal ones, and B-days and holidays that I had never thought of celebrating.  I must admit when I first got it, after reading through it, I lamented to E. that there were so many great ideas I had missed out in preparing during K's little years - so disappointing. This book started me thinking about creating, its a great template... and now has my additions all in the margins - it spurred growth in our family traditions and I'm determined that our grands - will enjoy my better late than never learning curve.
  9. Tremendous Trifles - G.K. Chesterton is witty, funny, and the fact that the items he writes about are nonsense is charming. This book's chuckle factor is delightful.   
  10. The Roar on the Other Side- Suzanne Rhodes is an amazing poetry teacher, this book has wonderful exercises, poetry and most of all a great hook - you will love the first line.
 I have several more books - I'd love to put in this list, but then it wouldn't be a top ten. (If you're counting this is actually a top 12 - but then again - whose counting)


EJN said...
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EJN said...

Great Books! Great time spent reading Them! And a great woman reading them!
Love you

Trisha said...

Thank you so much for sharing your favorites. I've been working on my own list, and I'm sure I'll be adding some of your suggestions to my 2012 reading list. You have me curious about The Baptized Body. I've had that on my shelf for a couple of years but have avoided it for various reasons. Your enthusiasm tempts me to dive in, though.

I admire you greatly, my friend, and am always thankful to benefit from your wisdom.

Much love to you!!

Susan said...

I am always glad to see what books others have enjoyed. I'm going to have to check out some of your's for sure!