Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Miniatures and Morals the Christian Novels of Jane Austen...

I opened last night - and I like it.  It promises to be a fun book.  I really enjoy Austen and Dr. Leithart's insights to Austen clearly states what I have nebulously tried to put my finger on for years. Hooray for people who can state things clearly.  I am not one of those people, but admire it greatly.  A few of my quote favs so far...
Syntax is character.  How someone speaks manifests the quality of his mind and character as much as or even more than what he says.
We begin to realize that men can be cads without kidnaping women and confininf them in dark towers, and women can be vicious without poisoning theit rivals.
Fun, my niece was actually reading "Pride and Predjudice" on her phone as I was reading the book.  Funny, this techno younger generation makes me want to have hope and throw it away at the same time.


Trisha said...

Oh, I think you are one of those people. :) I'm looking forward to hopefully reading more of your thoughts about this book. I have it, and I'm thinking about using it with my children.

EJN said...

Do you read Austen with your older children?
How fun.
I'd be interested in your favorite quotes from the book, or Austen's for that matter.
Have a great day!