Saturday, July 23, 2011

Picture Books

Sitting in the middle of a floor full of picture books, I am reminded of a Frances Schaefferism our friends, father and son  told me... "You can't have freedom without form."  So as I am diving through the books trying to control myself so I can actually organize and get them ready for a little library for this school year - I'd rather just enjoy the freedom of reading all the books without organizing them, but then no one else can enjoy them and I wouldn't get to the gift of exercising patience.  Truth be known, I always prefer the freedom without the patience of structure; actually anyone who knows me even a smiggen knows that about me.  God so oftens reminds me that life doesn't work right without boundaries and structure brings freedom and enjoyment.

I found an old 70's copy of my very favorite book, "Father Bear Comes Home", my mom read that A LOT - and occassionally, after a long week on the road, my Dad would read it to me.  Good stuff.  I read it to K, and imagined it would become her favorite - it was out done by Where the Wild Things Are. (I just got the Spanish version of that for my Pre-Kers)  Funny what little story books accomplish.  They give you imagination, pleasure, bring up great questions, teach you and so much more.

When I visit my mom she still reads picture books to me, the good ones.  I read a picture book to a friend tonight, because she was kind enough to sit and listen, picture books are so much more fun when they are read out loud. 

So over the next few days as I catogorize my mess, I might need to stop and read to myself outloud or wrangle a passerbyer who'll be wary of my tendency to break into read a loud mode when surrounded by small children's books.

What is your favorite children's book and why?  Mine was Father Bear, b/c I loved it when my Dad came home.  It was my favorite part of the week.

6 comments: said...

I requested Where the Wild Things Are more than anything else because the pictures were (are) so interesting to me.

EJN said...

Especially of the wild rumpus. So fun.

Trisha said...

Such sweet words, Jo! I too like the freedom without the patience of structure. Well put. And yes, you're right...that's not good for anyone ultimately. When my children are told to put away books, I always have to say, "I said to put them away, not read them." :) How precious that you remember the stories your Mama read to you. I hope my children will do the same. Love and hugs to you, my friend.

EJN said...

I love that, "put them away, not read them." What a wonderful gift in today's techno culture - to have children who love books and the lands that lie in them.
Have a great day.
Love to you!

Susan S said...

As a young mom I used to love reading Dr. Seuss to my kids. I simply found it fun read the sing-song rhymes.

EJN said...

I love Dr. Suess too. My three favs - In a People House, The Foot Book, and To Think That I Saw it of Mulberry Street.