Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Story

Nature was not generated by a computer but by a Person.  It is personal in nature.  If it seems quirky, it's quirky in the way Mozart's the Magic Flute  and VanGogh's Irises are quirky.  It reflects personality... We are made relational to the core.  We are made, as it says in Genesis, in the image of God or, better, in the image of the Trinity: "Let us make man in our image." (1:26 emphasis added)... Meister Eckhart had it right when he said that we are born out of the laughter of the Trinity.
From the heart of the universe come our beating hearts.  From this fellowship spring all of our longings for a friend, a family, a fellowship-for someplace to belong.... Something preceded us.  Something good,  We'd much rather be included in something grand than have to create the meaning of our lives.  To know that life, ulitmately, doesn't rest on our shoulders, but invites us up to it.   - John Eldridge, Epic, Excerpts from Act One:Eternal Love
Great little book, our Pastor introduced several weeks ago. This book really is less than a two hour read and that, is if you are high-lighting.  But it is packed with lines that makes your heart nod in affirmation of the truth.

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